QA 46 – What is the Best Tool for Making Sales Pages


In today’s Q&A, we are helping Laura figure out what a sales page is and the best tool for creating them.

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Let’s dive into this week’s question!

JOCELYN: Hey guys, welcome to today’s Q&A mini podcast. I’m a little bit sick so I’m a little bit hoarse and sorry about that.

SHANE: My voice is back from the SEC tournament though. So as soon as I got mine back, Jocelyn lost hers.

JOCELYN: Yeah, so we are recording while we can. Today’s question is from Laura Varner and Laura says, “I’ve heard you mention a lead page in your podcast. Could you explain exactly what that is? I really don’t understand the concept and the benefits.”

SHANE: Okay, there’s a lot of different pages that people talk about when they talk about online marketing; there are sales pages, landing pages, squeeze pages. Well basically what Lead Pages does – Lead Pages is a company and you can find them at and Lead Pages created a system where you can go in and use templates to make sales pages very quickly and very easily. It’s pretty much just drag and drop, plug and play and when you go in – a sales page is very complicated to create. So Lead Pages makes it where you click a button, you can add a video, you click a button, you can add a picture and they have already created all of the templates for you and they also track data over all of the people who use Lead Pages so they can actually tell what lead pages – they can actually tell which lead pages convert better, which ones produce more money, which once get people to click buttons better, which ones collect emails the best and it’s just a powerful tool. Lead Pages is not something like – you don’t create a lead page. Lead Pages is a tool that you use to create sales pages on your website very quickly, very easily and they let you track data to see which of your sales pages are working the best.

JOCELYN: I really like to use Lead Pages because they already have everything set up for you. So all of the text is already there and they give you examples of things to type so you don’t have to wrack your brain and think, ‘Okay, I’m not a very salesy person, what am I going to write?’ It’s already there for you. So, all you have to do is delete the benefits of the product that is already on the lead page and put in the features and benefits of your product. So it’s really simple to use, it makes you be able to write sales pages really quickly and they work really well. I’ve been using them on my Elementary Librarian site for about a year now and it’s just such a big difference in what I was doing before and what I’m doing now and the conversion is so much better.

SHANE: When we used to create sales pages before, we would basically have to go in and create like blog posts or pages and we would have to move all the buttons around and get things to look correctly and have to center them and we were literally spending five days sometimes on getting a lead page or a sales page to look exactly the way we wanted it to. When Lead Pages came out, we realized that this tool was so powerful, we could create the same sales pages that would look a hundred times better in Lead Pages and we could do it in two hours instead of like five days. So, it’s really a no-brainer tool. It’s especially good for people just starting out because if you don’t know a lot about HTML and you don’t know a lot about CSS and you are trying to make really nice landing pages and sales pages (which are the same thing) on your website, then it’s going to be really difficult for you to get it to look the way you want it and Lead Pages has it all set up; kind of automatically done for you. So that’s what Lead Pages is; it’s a tool to create sales pages for your website and don’t get caught up in all the terminology. It’s just – a sales page is a page on your website that sells something and a landing page and a squeeze page are basically the same thing and Lead Pages helps you do that very quickly and very efficiently.

JOCELYN: If you’d like to see an example of what a completed lead page looks like, you can head over to my Elementary Librarian site and we’ll put the link in today’s show notes. If you just go to you will be able to see that and we can also put one that we use here on Flipped Lifestyle so you can see what those look like.

SHANE: Yeah – The sales page for our course Flip Your Life is actually done with Lead Pages and you can find that at and you can see how we have arranged everything and we did that in a tool. We probably made that sales page in about an hour and it did not take very long at all. We love Lead Pages, we use it every week for every product that we do because there’s absolutely no reason to spend hours creating something that can be done very quickly in an hour or two when you have something available for – when you have something available to let you do it quickly and efficiently. You always want to save time whenever you are doing anything. Time is way more valuable than money; it doesn’t seem like that at first because when you start out just like us, we didn’t have a lot of money but looking back now we realize that for every couple of hours that we save, it’s actually saving us money in the long run and it’s helping us get closer to our goal of – and it’s helping us get – and it’s helping us – [Cordie, cut all of this out brother, I’m sorry] And when we save time, it’s getting us closer to the goals that we have set for our online business.

JOCELYN: All right, so Laura, hope that that helps you to alleviate some of the confusion about Lead Pages; it’s an awesome tool, we use it every day. We never recommend anything that we would not personally use but we love Lead Pages and you can check those out at Thanks for listening.


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